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tampering, some salon on mail-in ballots have had trouble making it to election officials. instead, they somehow ended up in the gutter. jodi hernandez sis live in vallejo with a couple who found tampered ballots, not once, but twice? >> that couple walk their grandson to school through this neighborhood a couple of times a week, but what they came upon last week and the week before has left them very troubled. ballots, like this one, wet and crumpled up sitting in this gutter just inches from a storm drain. >> you could see where they tore it out of the bottom. >> reporter: it's a discovery that has bernice and waddle outraged. for the second time this month the couple found remnants of mail-in remnants tossed in the gutter near their vallejo home. >> in the street? no. this shouldn't be. >> two weeks ago, while out for
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a walk the couple found three soggy ballots in the gutter. then last week in the very same spot, they discovered a voter's envelope with a ballot missing. >> i'm appalled. i'm appalled because i don't care whether it's a republican, democrat or independent or whatever it is. these people voted. they're americans and they voted and they have a right to vote and their vote has to be contacted. >> we attempted to contact the voter whose address and signature were on that envelope, so she wasn't home and they took it to the election's office where the registrar said with the first batch of tossed-out ballots they'll do all they can to reach the voter. >> the ballots and envelopes we receive in the office are in pristine shape. so there's almost never evidence of tampering or evidence like this. >> it's one of your rights to be an american, that you can vote and they took that away from him. >> the chavez's say they're
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worried more voters' ballots could have been intercepted. they want an investigation. >> we don't know how many more they have done it to. if you have done it to the four that we found, how many more have they done it to? >>. >> reporter: now elections officials tell us that tampering with ballots is a federal offense punishable by up to three years behind bars. now, if you're concerned that your ballot perhaps got intercepted, you can check the status of that ballot by logging on to your county's registrar of voter's website or giving them a call. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. >> one of the propositions on the upcoming ballot is prop 30. its success or failure might hinge on undecided voters. it is governor brown's tax initiative to raise money for schools and colleges. a new field poll finds 48% are in favor of this tax initiative.
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48% are opposed. 14% are undecided. prop 30 would hike the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years, raising about $6 billion a year and help close the state's budget deficit. >> new at 6:00, san francisco police showed the suspect who beat and kicked a muni station agent last month. they want the public's help in identifying this man. the pictures show a tall, slender man about 35 to 30 years old carrying a bike or black suitcase. you see him right here. the victim, a 55-year-old station agent told the man that bikes are not allowed in the station. the suspect repeatedly ignored him as he made his way to the muni platform. once there the detectives say the man turned on the agent, kicking him and punching him, forcing him to the ground. he has not been able to return to work. >> if you know there could be a reward in your future. a fund is being established. investigators say robbery was the motive for last night's
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deadly shooting of 50-year-old wilbur bartly. bartly was closing his cell phone store on international boulevard when police say he was confronted by one, perhaps two gunmen. bartly's death is considered a huge loss for the community. obviously, for his family, as well, but he was known for working with customers who had trouble paying their bills and he also handed out a hand to disadvantaged children. >> he did things for people that he didn't have to do them for. he did them without question, without reason. he just did. he gave continuously without a second thought. if he felt it was going to help you in any single way he would do that. bartly was also a neighborhood guy. he lived a few blocks away with his family. social media are useful
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tools in police investigation and communication. a good example, a photograph of a 22-year-old vandalizing a muni bus on sunday right after the giants won the world series. that photo went viral and it led to an arrest. arturo santiago, that's becoming a key way for cops to find their people. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this is a prime example of police and the community working together to catch a criminal and most of the progress in this investigation was made in cyberspace. the picture was published in the paper, posted on social media and then went viral. someone contacted the police department. they developed a lead, obtained a search warrant and arrested 22-year-old gregory grandis of san francisco. >> there was a lot of outrage on social media about this vandalism and someone was able to give us a tip and helped us solve this case. >> reporter: san francisco police are posting pictures and video of two suspects who set fire to the same vandalized muni
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bus. >> we are reaching out to the people on social media to put these images out there and see if we can develop suspect information. >> reporter: jay segan posted the photo of vandalism on his facebook page and more than 5,000 commented on it and nearly 10,000 so-called liked it. he takes some pride in knowing social media led to an arrest. >> it's nice to be part of a community that helped do this. what's most powerful to me about it is the fact that this is millions of people all working together to make this happen. really, the only way this works is that everyone kept re-posting. >> reporter: police using social media has become an important tool for the mountain view police department. lieutenant chris jung tells me not only do they use it in active investigations, but it's opened a fast and efficient line of communication between the department and the community. sometimes it can be a little too fast. >> a lot of times people will tweet or put a post about an incident before they each call
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911 which obviously we would hope it would be the other way around, but, you know, sometimes it is -- we do have to keep tabs on that. >> reporter: social media is a tool that law enforcement will continue to develop. lieutenant chung of the mountain view police department tells me that his department eventually would like to use it in its emergency alert system. >> live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> another grim discovery off the san mateo coastline. authorities found the body of a man near miramar beach in half moon bay. it is an adult male in his 40s. he was fully dressed in a jacket, jeans and boots with a cell phone and keys in his pocket. they said there were no obvious signs of trauma or cause of death. this was the third body found on san mateo county beaches in just 11 days and authorities say the deaths do not appear to be related. william ayers will stand
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trial on charges that he molested several young patients. doctors at napa state hospital argue whether ayers was suffering from dementia. the judge sided with the psychologist who diagnosed ayers as faking his dementia symptoms. his first trial ended in a hung jury in 2009. demanding answers. a national non-profit group is speaking out after an nbc bay area investigation. >> on tuesday we exposed bay area schools which are not complying with title 9, a key federal law named to protect students from sexual harassment. >> reporter: equal rights advocates call the results of our investigation shocking and disturbing. the national non-profit is now questioning more than 100 school districts in the bay area about their title 9 policies. here's why. we uncovered an array of problems. principals who didn't know who the title 9 coordinator was. others who are the ci,inator and didn't know it and educators
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who have no idea what title 9 is. equal rights advocates calls it widespread ignorance of basic, federal law. now they are asking districts to provide documentation showing they're in compliance. proof schools have coordinators, policies and procedures in place to protect students from sexual harassment. >> and i was shocked by some of the responses that were revealed in the report and it really shows, i think, the real story about what's happening at schools. >> our public information requests are exactly what schools should be doing every year. otherwise, the kinds of e-mails that you saw will be more and more pervasive and there will be more and more harassment at schools. >> reporter: the non-profit is hoping to identify gaps in compliance and encourage districts to take steps to fix the problem. as for who is overseeing school districts to make sure they are following the law. the office of civil rights is in charge of that. a spokesman told us they respond
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to complaint, but no one is enforcing title 9 on a regular basis so they do not know who is complying and who's not. raj? >> thank you, jena. if you have a tip for one of the investigative reporters or the unit itself including issues while you try to vote next tuesday give us a call at 888-996-tippers on send us an e-mail directly to the unit at nbc bay okay. you certainly needed the umbrella and raincoat because the bay area woke up to rain today, but a big change is in store, jeff ranieri is live for us. keep the umbrella, put away the umbrella? >> we've had eight weeks with these extreme changes with temperatures in the 60s and then we go back to the 80s and the 90s and we have more coming up in the next seven-day period. the halloween storm did provide very impressive totals and it finally started to get out of here by 10:00 and 11:00 this morning this morning with a few of those struggling showers down into morgan hill and gilroy.
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it is dry, but after those very impressive totals, 1.3 and santa rosa beat the old of 8600 set in 2008 and it definitely did help the water here. right now san francisco doing the best at 107% of average. how about those changes? we have some sunshine coming our way and that storm moves off to the east and high pressure builds in from the south and some slight, drying winds building in for not only 80s in the seven-day forecast and we could even be talking about record-setting heat in november as we head throughout the seven-day forecast and we'll detail it all for you coming up throughout the show. >> and we put away the raincoats. >> wow! still ahead at 6:00, the rare event leading to a traffic warning in the east bay which is coming tomorrow. >> also ahead, he certainly made
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a statement, the player whose fashion choice has become a major point of discussion. >> judge scolded apple over what the company posted on its website. >> and an nbc bay area reality check on the ballot next week. we're coming right back. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design?
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>> the next time you go it your local grocery store you might be greeted by striking union members. they plan to strike this sunday morning if both sides cannot agree on a new contract. a total of 32 bay area locations could see these striking employees. today in sacramento workers attended a rally saying they're fighting for retiree health care. >> we don't want them to take anything from us. we want them to know that we're standing together, that we're here solid as a union. we don't want them to take
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anything from us. >> it is an unfortunate situation, but it's one that we have to have. it's necessary that we reduced our cost as it relates to operating in our stores so we can compete more competitively against the competition that's out there today. >> bothed sides are meeting with a mediator, if no agreement is reached by midnight, it will be the first strike the supermarket chain has had in its nearly 80-year history. >> is stirs up passionate feelin feelings -- that debate stretches back decades. the debate finds itself front and center in this year's election cycle as measure f in san francisco. in today's reality check, sam brk takes a look at claims both sides with another stand with
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restoring hetch hetchy. >> there have been volumes of studies done on this very subject, in fact, seven studies in 25 years to prove it's either impossible to restore etch etchy, these statements cannot both be true at the same time so which one is it? we investigate. >> this is an idea that's absolutely insane. >> this isn't about the sins of the past. this is -- proposition f is about the opportunities of the future. >> outside the steps of san francisco's city hall, voters receive a taste of the bitter debate that's conflicted this community for so long. what to do about a natural habitat. hetchhetchy that's been damned for t damed for the better part of a century. they can decide the fate of the water and environment plan. an estimated $8 million plan of action for restoring the
6:17 pm
stunning valley. here are the arguments being made. >> this has been studied serve times in the last 25 years. we do not need another study. it's not viable. it's not feasible. this is a complete waste of money. >> those seven studies concluded that san francisco does not need to store its water on a national park, but san francisco essentially boycotted those studies. so who's telling the truth? the san francisco supervisor or the author of measure f. they're both taking liberties with the information at hand. here are the seven studies conducted in the last 25 years, performed by state and federal governments and advocacy groups and universities. now let's take a look at the most recent ones. a 2005 restore hetchhetchy study identifies the river as the bay area's primary water source and notes that pruchling water from nearby cherry lake to a tributary can replace most of what's lost from hetchhetchy. other option include expanding
6:18 pm
the reservoir farther downstream or calvaveras reservoir in the bay area, in the estimated cost of $1 billion. that makes no viable options false, but how expensive is the alternative? a state report from 2006 that takes into account all of the major components, water replacement and energy replacement and dam removal, restoring the valley and permitting, public use and legal costs came up with the price tag between $3 billion and $10 billion. furthermore, the authors write, quote, much studies remain to be done because there are major gaps in vital information. for example, objectives for replacing the water supply area in the first place. author mike marshall's claim for the city and bay area is also not substantiated by the research. >> so what are you supposed to make of all of this? you should vote for measure f if you think that more research and particularly research performed
6:19 pm
by the city of san francisco will add clarity to the situation, but do know that seven previous studies haven't accomplished that yet. sam brock, nbc news. >> thank you, sam. >> let's turn things over to jeff. we got some rain, but it wasn't as bad a soaking as we got the last time around, right? >> we had a much more potent punch of weather here over the last two weeks and this proved to be a good soaker for us across the area. the doppler radar, we are currently finding dry conditions and this is going to lead us into an incredible weekend coming our way. let's look at the 48-hour rainfall totals from the slow-moving system and in san francisco, 1.3, and that's how rare it is to get this much rain. oakland with .83 and a huge disparity in oakland and it all depended on where you were with some of those moderate pockets of heavier rain, but it's all
6:20 pm
gone right now. the temperatures were cool out here today with plenty of 60s. look at this other interesting fact. down into gilroy we had 63, a serve-degree disparity in those numbers and that's because we had gilroy hanging out with the showers quite a bit longer than everyone else this morning. right now numbers are down across the board with plenty of 50s and 60s, but get ready because here come changes in los gatos, from 66 today to sunday. 80 degrees and shorts weather coming our way. let's bring you outside to the live hd sky-cam network and we do have the cloud cover lingering and the roads are slipping so take it easy tonight and the dryer weather is going to be building. here we go, the storm system is starting to push here off to the east. high pressure building in like late august, early september so we do think not only with the warm air associated with it, and also slight offshore winds will produce mid-80s here into the
6:21 pm
seven-day forecast and maybe even with the record-setting heat. it will spike up the allergy forecast and unfortunately going into the moderate levels as we head throughout the next 48 hours. as far as tomorrow goes we'll start a cold start especially in the interior valleys and 40s expected for the east in the south bay and maybe even in the north bay, we could have low 40s coming our way and also the cloud cover, by this afternoon, inland, throughout the interior valleys and 60s by the bay and low to mid-60s at the coastline. the three-day forecast, warming up as we head throughout saturday and sunday and don't forget that time change. it's coming on sunday and we don't want you to be late anywhere as we head throughout the end of the weekend and we'll have the next seven-day forecast and when the storm could arrive coming up later on. >> still ahead at 6:00, one county's new policy to prevent some undocumented immigrants from being deported even if they've broken the law. i'm scott budman in the
6:22 pm
hypercompetitive silicon valley, we may have found the coolest benefit anywhere. coming up, how this company is saving time, money and the planet. and oaklandity hall in prime time. details of a possible new tv show, pretty interesting. we're back in a moment. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools...
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> union city cut the rebon on a new community development this morning. it features a housing complex for low-income family, a computer lab and community garden. it's centered around barts and officials there hope some day it will be the gateway to the silicon valley it will connect to sacramento and make its way down to the santa clara for the 49ers' new stadium. the transit agency is developing a canopy prototype for the
6:25 pm
street-level escalators and something that will protect the moving stairs from wind and rain while also keeping people away during off hours. the canopies will also help with protecting riders from the bathroom habits left by some of the homeless. giants fans took advantage of public transportation for yesterday's victory parade. cal train had about 38,000 additional riders and bart set a sick single day record. more than half a million people rode bart yesterday beating the previous record set two years ago at the last world series parade for the giants. this was the 40% increase over a typical wednesday in october. bart officials used every train available to order -- to accommodate the crowds. >> tomorrow night cal will host its first-ever friday night football game at memorial stadium. and the city of berkeley has some advice to fans, better take public transportation. kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. against the washington huskes. several streetsa earned the campus will be closed to traffic
6:26 pm
as early as 3:00 in the afternoon and officials say yes, saturday's game impacts traffic and tomorrow's game will coincide right with the evening commute and it's going to be dicey. there will be, however, free shuttles running from the bart station and the amtrak station to downtown. >> san francisco had a full house, nash bridges and the streets of san francisco and oakland now going hollywood, too. get red for city hall. it's the working title of a tv drama set in oakland. the focus of the show would be a hard-charging mayor and her young staff members. it's from the same producer of the hit show "revenge" and the same writer from the hbo show "the newsroom." >> i like all of those shows. still ahead here at 6:00, the skinny school snacks. we'll have the new report on what schools are not offering students. >> and then the giants' victory parade, certainly memorable and so was this guy's t-shirt. why romo stood out. >> and president obama gets a
6:27 pm
big endorsement ahead of next week's presidential election. i'm janelle wang. more charges filed in the penn state sex abuse case and it reaches the university's top official and super storm sandy leaves behind a path of destruction. today's heartbreaking discovery in the rubble. "world tonight" is next. good morning! wow.
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>> hurricane sandy may be gone, but the misery and desperation continues to grow. >> nbc bay area's janelle wang has the latest in our world tonight. >> jessica and raj, today in the rubble crews found the bodies of two young boys ages 2 and 4 who were ripped from their mother's arms on monday. she was driving her kids to a jelte or staten island when a surge of water overcame her suv. the death toll now above 80 in the u.s. over 4 million still without power across the northeast, so lack of electricity has shut down gas stations and supermarkets, causing extremely
6:30 pm
long lines to any place that is open for business. the pentagon has asked pg&e to send equipment from california to help restore power there. the hardest hit area, staten island in new york and the jersey shore where homes are completely destroyed. debris scattered all over the streets. in seaside heights, the historic boardwalk partially washed away and the iconic roller coaster now in the atlantic ocean. >> it is still hard to believe, you know? you feel you'll wake up any minute. >> what can you do, you know? you have to believe in tomorrow and, you know, hopefully everybody can rebuild. >> the major airports in the new york area are back up and running and partial service has been restored to some of new york's subway lines. nbc will televise a telethon tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. to raise money for the victims of sandy. new jersey native, bruce springsteen and john bonn jovi will be performing. more fallout from the penn state child sex abuse scandal. today more charges were filed against graham spanier.
6:31 pm
state prosecutors say he was involved in the cover-up of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. sentenced this past summer on dozens of counts of sex abuse. athletic director tim curley and gary schultz who were already charged with covering up the scandal received another charge of child endangerment. all three are scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow and all three say they're innocent. overseas in syria, new video surfaces showing syrian fighter jets bombing the outskirts of damascus. the rebels were also aggressive today with reports they assaulted and executed eight government soldiers. 33,000 syrians dead since the uprising began 19 months ago with no end in sight. at least 22 people dead and more than 100 injured after a fuel tanker drove into a highway bridge in ri adin the capital city of saudi arabia. the explosion was so powerful it collapsed a nearby building and destroyed several cars and a
6:32 pm
bus. the truck driver reportedly swerved into the bridge to avoid another accident. decision 2012 is heading into the final weekend. president obama received a key endorsement today from new york city mayor and independent michael bloomberg. with just five days until the election mr. obama campaigned across three battleground states, wisconsin, nevada and colorado. you see now mitt romney who was also campaigning in virginia today. both sides concentrating on nine swing states which is considered to be likely to make the difference. >> the president wants to see four more years and that's his chant. four more years, four more years, but our chant is this, five more days, all right? five more days. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest bank isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> in today's nbc marrist poll
6:33 pm
the president leads in iowa. the races in wisconsin, and new hampshire are much tighter. for countless immigrants deportation is always a daunting reality even if you are legal, but the alameda district attorney's office is taking step to prevent that from happening when an immigrant is arrested for a nonviolent crime. ray kelly said it took a year for d.a. nancy o'malley to ship guidelines instructing prosecutors to let immigrants avoid convicts that would get themmic canned out of the country. that means considering different charges like petty theft and drug possession in exchange for carte blanche mishs like longer jail time and stricter probation conditions. he gets several cases a week endangering illegal immigrants and the shifts will help those who have been living here for years, paying taxes and raising families. >> they're real positives here. it's going to affect a lot of our clients who are here
6:34 pm
lawfully. they are legal, permanent residents and oftentimes been here for 10, 20 years or more. >> the office says it is taking steps after the supreme court ruling two years ago that sends a message that attorneys should be maneuvering deals when they can avoid deportation for illegal immigrants charged with less serious crime. two words we all know so well, but they can be hard to say. a silicon valley tech giant is being asked to repeat them. bring in our tech reporter scott budman and scott, you say those words a lot. >> yes, i do, jessica. i'm sorry. two words a high court wants apple to say again. they want to apologize to rival samsung on its website for falsely claiming that samsung cop ed the ipad, and they did. the high court says apple has to apologize again because according to the court, it didn't go far enough. tomorrow is a huge job report and while the rest of the country is working to create
6:35 pm
jobs, the silicon tech industry is competing for workers, companies offering a variety of benefits to try and attract talented people, like this one, adding a little electricity to your life. >> steve latour is a director of information technology. in hypercompetitive silicon valley, he's a hot commodity. but he's locked in at evernote, a growing software company with an amazing advantage. if you work here, they'll improve your commute guaranteed. >> my commute is about 40 miles. >> reporter: it used to take steve an hour and a half to get to work, now less than half that, thanks to the electric vehicle he drives, and his company that picked up the monthly check. >> if i can come to work and have a short commute it allows me to be more refreshed when i come to work rather than sitting in a car for two hours in each direction and that's made a huge
6:36 pm
difference. my quality of life and the atmosphere at work. >> reporter: evernote has a fleet of volts and chargers in its parking lot. if employees go electric, the company will pay the monthly lease fees for three years. >> here in the bay area, the electric vehicles are really starting to get popular and it's kind of a hub for people to start think about more sustainable ways of travel and commuting. >> their output is completely dependent on their state of mind. >> evernote ceo says don't call it a perk. instead, call it a way for the softwaremaker to do its best work. >> they want to be productive and they want to build something great and so it's our job to knock down all of the barriers and make that happen and the car benefit is a great way to give you more time so you can be happier and you can be more productive and ultimately happier, and people are more productive which is what we want. >> giving the benefit of time. >> reporter: i'm a happier boss. i'm a happier colleague and a
6:37 pm
happier husband and father when i get home. >> evernote which helps to restore, find and help you remember your files has been growing steadily and one of many companies hiring a lot lately. but not all is rosy around the bay area and we were reminded about that today as the second harvest food bank kicked off the latest food drive. helped by employees of cisco systems who with took time from work to help sort food, food that will help families all over the bay area. >> i think it's more than a tradition. if you watch what the valley does so very well, the most successful in life owe an obligation to get back. that's what the country is about and that's what the valley is about. we believe we can change the world and if you can't change the communitia earned you, you're not doing your job. i think it's important for all of the positions to make a difference and realize that people need our help. >> second harvest says today, one out of every ten santa clara and san mateo county residents have the meal. in the process, challenging other companies and individuals
6:38 pm
to also help out at the food bank. jessica and raj? >> it is a great program. thank you, scott. still ahead at 6:00, it may not have anything to do with the sun. the surprising new research on melanoma and the kohl are on of a person's hair 37. >> good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist in the bay area center. spf, increasing sunshine from the noon hour to the afternoon where temperatures could go into the mid-70s and even hotter in that seven-day forecast. in fact, air quality is expected to suffer and we'll tell you how hot it could get coming up in a few minutes. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> in health matters tonight, the search for healthy snacks in schools may still be a challenge for many students across the united states. a new pew study looked at numbers from across the nation and found most schools don't even have policies over what can be served in schools. low nutrient, high calorie snacks are found all around and most schools don't even sell fruit outside of lunchtime. congress called on for rules to help standards for snacks sold in schools and so far there hasn't been any action taken. >> doctors have long urged those r red hair, fair skin and freckles to stay away from the sun. now it turns out redheads may be at a higher risk of getting melanoma even without the sun. a recent study on mice says the pigment that gives rise to red hair is a potential trigger for melanoma. melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. >> let's turn things over to
6:42 pm
jeff. let's check in and we'll have some changes. it's already thursday. it's gone by so fast. >> i keep thinking it's tuesday and then i think thursday, i'm in an awesome mood. >> this is a new hd camera, guys. >> beautiful, right toward the city and we're looking at clear skies and when things are back into the 80s in just a few minutes. >> monday the 49ers put a beatdown so bad on the cardinals it should be illegal and now one 49er has a little run-in with the law. we'll give you the details and plus a world series parade never gets old, but which giant is celebrated for the final time in san francisco? we'll tell you next from the x finity sportsdesk.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
okay. get ready for all of the suffering lingo we know. the maverick surfing contest in half moon bay is gearing up. champion surfers invited to ride the giants will pose for photos in front of long boards and meet with reporters on november 9th and they'll lead a ceremonial paddle out with members and whoever shows up. after that, the suffering stars will be on hold for several weeks. the ceremony marx the opening of the window for the contest and the exact date, of course, depends on the weather. this time last year, half moon
6:45 pm
bay and the harbor was turned into a movie set, as you remember with the movie gerard butler now in murphy theaters. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri for the surf forecast. >> temperatures are going to be warming up and the doppler radar is quiet and all of that is pushed out to the south and to the east. a lot of the north bay, and now with those clearing skies, temperatures are dropping really cold up to this time in nevada with 57 and also in the east bay, we have temperatures in the upper 50s in danville and that's where we should be for morning lows. now we'll go from this cold that we had today to quite a bit of warmth. down san jose to 66 today up into the low 80s by parts of your weekend and hotter than that coming as we looked ahead into next week. let's take you outside of the live hd sky-cam ra network and this is a newly minted camera
6:46 pm
from emoriville looking into the city of san francisco and you can see the progress on the new span of the bay bridge and also down in the south bay in san jose, city lights shining bright, clear skies and for the most part you'll start to see the cloud cover move back and traffic moving along smoothly here throughout central and downtown san jose. we have the storm system we're following and the cold front that dragged its treat and it was only moving at 15 to 25 miles per hour last night and that's why it hung around 18 hours across northern california. that all moves off, high pressure moves offshore and over the next 48 hours, it's not going to get hot for us and eventually as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. get the barbecues out and maybe the pool is still warm enough and it looks like weather that will be good enough for that. 50s and 60s and we'll find 70s inland and it will get much warmer where eventually we will
6:47 pm
have those 80s. for tonight, grab the extra blanket and click on the fireplace if you can because it will be cold. 45 in santa rosa and 47 in napa and it may even feel like low 40s with dryer air and 49 in livermore and 48 in san jose with 50 expected in los gatos. >> we'll go up a little bit here in the south bay and definitely not going to be too warm and 69 in half moon bay and 71 in palo alto and 70 in milpitas, for the east bay this will be one of the warmer spots. 72 in walnut creek and 73 in danville and 73 in farefield and 72 in pleasanton, we'll keep 60s here from alameda to hayward. from san francisco we'll get close to 70 and we will go over the 70-degree mark in hayward or santa rosa and 71 back into oakland. on your three-day forecast, the numbers go up each and every day
6:48 pm
from friday, saturday and sunday and upper 70s, coastal drizzle to star with plenty of sunshine and by sunday, low 80s inland and we fall back so we gain an hour, yes, that makes sense, okay? and as we head throughout monday and tuesday, we d have sunshine here and voting day looks incredible and mostly sunny skies. so republican democratic, independent, it's looking good here. mother nature will win the election on that forecast. no excuses. get out and vote. >> yes. >> there's a small business in southern california that's getting some big business thanks to giant star vergeio romo. that t-shirt he was wearing during yard's parade is on back order tonight because of the huge demand. it's also creating a buzz for immigration rights and here's damian trujillo. >> he pointed at the words on his t-shirt throughout the route. i just look illegal. sergio romo didn't explain the
6:49 pm
message when we spoke with him. >> what a fitting end to a great season, right? >> romo attracted strong criticism for his act on talk radio and in the blogosphere. people upset he'd make a political statements on that platform, but we got a much different reaction from sports fans in san jose. >> i think it's great that he wore the t-shirt. it shows courage and it shows a great opportunity in the parade to make a public statement and totally support that. >> i know he comes from l.a. area and he's a big latin american culture. as p.c., whether you argue with it or not, he will get away with it because he won the world series. >> romo used the word undo you meaned instead of illegal. >> i was actually really surprised that he used that platform to really, i think, highlight how ridiculous the anti-immigrant backlash that we've seen. >> reporter: he's used to
6:50 pm
striking out batters and now sergio romo has struck a national nerve. damian trujillo, nbc, bay area news. >> let's head into the comcast newsroom. i saw jim kozimor live and in punish yesterday person yesterday at the parade. >> she's so huggable. next time, raj, i'll give you a big hug. i owe you one. >> i'm right here, bud. >> here i come. >> everyone is banking in the glow of the parade, giants brass has business to tend to and today they began retooling for next season. listen in now, first, the giants decline to make qualifying offers to scudero and before you jump through your tv screen, they would still love to keep all three. this just means they won't receive compensatory draft picks if any of the players sign elsewhere next. this, not so stunning news,
6:51 pm
aubrey huff, it's come to an end. they spend a their million dollar option and in the 2010 title run and huff was hitting 192 and 49er linebacker alton smith back in the news for an off the field incident, komu is reporting smith was involved in an altercation outside a restaurant last night. a police report merely confirms a quote, disturbance between two males thattes in estated a police presence. smith played college ball at missu, for the nba, andrew got the surprising start at center after spending all off season and much of last season recovering from a fractured ankle. the big man only played 18 minutes, but that's only to ensure he doesn't suffer a setback. >> he knows i'm for him and if
6:52 pm
it was all about me i would have had him in the game, but it's all about us and it's important to stay true to the process. i mean, even now in the stretch, when we needed a rebound, i had to go -- are you sure you're fine? just for one possession and there was a side of me that didn't even want to do that. >> i wanted him in the ball game when he mattered most and he's that good and means that much to us. >> that's to be expected for the first nba game in nine months. so to get treatment in recovery today and be ready to go. >> i haven't played in the golden state jump yet so i'm excited to go over there and hopefully get a win and show the fans what we can do. >> warriors home opener sunday against memphis. with the nba starting that means college basketball can't be far behind and if the pundits are correct, this could be a very good year for the two big bay area men's hoop teams.
6:53 pm
pac 12 media day, finally back in the day as pac 12 headliners both projected to be part of march madness, and an n.i.t. title, cal picked third by the coaches and both teams hoping to live up to the expectation. >> we have to have the highest of expectations and now it's time to realize those expectations. our kids are in position to grow together. we learned a lot about ourselves last season and i'm excited to see, you know, what we can do with the potential that we have in this team. >> we come in with the same mentality and we still feel like we're undermined as a team and we have to come in and keep getting better and we're very excited. i love my team and i love my class and we'll take the program to the next level this year. >> whatever we pick is irrelevant at this point, but i know if we were to get into the top half we have the work cut out for us and people will have to step up and that's no change from any other time.
6:54 pm
>> all right. things going from bad to worse for the cal football team. 3 and 6 bears will be without their best player for the next two to three weeks. allen hurt himself on an yn sidekick with 1:18 to play and the bears were down 22 points at the time. finally, the nfl and the players union are combining to donate $1 million to the american red cross after hurricane sandy and here on nbc friday hurricane sandy benefits telethon and we hope that you will join us and participate friday night and that is a great cause and those people really need some help, guys. >> thank you, jim. >> yes, bruce springsteen and john bon jovi part of the telecast. for a full half hour, watch sports net central on comcast bay area tonight at 10:30. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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>> tonight at 11:00 it is the deal that rocked the galaxy and you'll hear what george lucas planned to do with most of the $4 billion he's get for example his empire. >> we have more lukal news at 7:00 and comcast channel 186. in the meantime, have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
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